Im Still Here :)


Hey ladies and gents!! 💜

I pray your week has been great thus far!!  My week has been AMAZING thus far!! As some may know, if we are friends on Facebook, yesterday was the start of a pretty awesome “Ministry of Homemaking” ONLINE Conference!! Mrs Jami Balmet of Young Wives Guide outdid herself!! (Her website is ) It has been truly a blessing to me and so many others so far! Tomorrow is the last day and I’m sad. It feels like it got here so slow but is ending so quickly! (Sad face)

If learning how to manage your home, cleaning and organizing, planning and priorities, budget and financial resources, and prayer and bible reading tips interest you, click this link to receive more info!! The topics that are covered and the Christ centered women Mrs Jami selected to host each session are amazing!! (I did mention it’s been AMAZING right??)

For some reason, people get confuse and go way to deep as to what a homemaker is. Let me share a simple definition with you as to what a homemaker really is! A homemaker is simply a person who manages a home. Nothing more, nothing less. So I can bet you are a homemaker, like myself, who manages a home. Yes or no? I think a lot of people looked at this conference and felt it was only geared to mommies or wives but in reality it was for ALL women who are homemakers!! (Smiles) 

I love the space Jami has at the bottom of the Homemakers Conference website. There is a “Frequently Asked Questions & Answers” section added. She gives clarity to every possible question a person can have about this conference. Check this one out! This one was my favorite!

.I’m not married and/or I don’t have kids. Does this conference still apply to me?

A.YES! Being married or having kids doesn’t make you a homemaker. All women have that special ability to set the tone and to bring glory to God from within their homes – whether they are single or married and whether they have 0 kids or 3 or 11! Join us as we cover all aspects of homemaking (and Biblical womanhood)!

So that’s ALL WOMEN if you ask me. (Who asked me though-smile) I would like to encourage you to purchase conference if you can asap!! I am really not sure if tomorrow is the last day to purchase event but I DO know tomorrow IS the last day of the conference. I will share on the next Blog (which will be this Friday) as to whether conference will still be available to purchase after tomorrow. Let me also share this with you. Once you purchase conference, say you are busy with work or school and just don’t have the time to listen to the sessions right now? Well, here is Mrs Jami Balmet answer to that!!

Question: How long will I have access to the sessions?

A.Forever! We want you to have complete access to this conference – to watch again and again if you want. The sessions will remain on the website for the foreseeable future and if at some point we have to remove them, you will get the chance to save them onto your computer to keep forever.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! To be able to download the sessions to whatever device of your choice and go back and listen to them when you have the time!! (I already have been downloading) Not to mention, the bonuses that come with the purchase of the conference! They are so phenomenal and very helpful!! A complete notebook of notes from each session and a HOME MANAGEMENT BINDER!!! So excited to start using mine!!! For me, this conference was right on time. I had been talking to my hubby about my desire to be a better godly woman, wife, mom and servant for some time now.  

What an incredible blessing it is to please and glorify God all while pleasing and making my family happy and creating a safe haven for them to come back home to everyday. I have learned so much in just the last two days and I am so excited to start implementing what I’ve learned moving forward and to share it all with you within the next few weeks. I will do a 3 Part on “My take from MHC” (Ministry of Homemakers Conference) so stay tuned! May GOD pour His rich blessings, peace and favor in you and your family’s lives! Enjoy the rest of your week and God Bless you and your family!! 💜

💞 Your sister in Christ, Janae💞


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