Hey beautiful souls!!

What a beautiful day it is in Michigan today!! I’m thankful I was able to catch some of the good weather. Pray you all had a great weekend and Monday!! So I wanted to share one of my testimonies today. Lord knows, I have many of them (testimonies that is) but yesterday marked 5 years of the testimony I’m sharing today.

December 2010 I left a very unhealthy relationship and met a wonderful guy named Philemon Onyango sometime in January of 2011 from Kenya. We met at my cousin place and really hit it off great! Let me give this disclaimer. Back then I knew Jesus, correction, I’ve known Jesus all my life. My dad and mom raised me in church and taught me when I was very young about the importance of a relationship with Christ. Let me just say I haven’t been saved all my life and this season in my life I definitely was not living a set apart lifestyle.

This season in my life, I was drinking every weekend, partying every weekend and having what I thought was “fun”. Monday through Friday was work and Friday evening to Sunday evening was party and turn up. This particular night, May 14,2011, my boyfriend Phil worked a long shift. He worked a 5am to 5pm this day and we planned on going to a Liberty University graduation house party that night. Vic had just graduated and a couple other mutual friends. We stopped at my mom place to ask her if Don’nae could stay the night with her.

When I tell you that she said no over and over and over. She said no over and over again. I asked her well over 10 times praying she would say yes so that we could go to the party. She eventually did say  yes and we hurried out before she changed her mind and said no again. Needless to say we made it to the party late. Well to late for Phil and Vic to eat some food but not to late for drinking.

I had eaten before I left party but had to go pick Phil up from work and by the time we returned, the food was gone off course. Who doesn’t love good African food? (I miss African food) Early in the morning (now May 15,2011) I had been asleep in the backseat while Phil and Vic went inside Kroger to get something to eat. They both had been drinking but both of them didn’t have a chance to eat anything before drinking at party.

I remember sitting up for a second when they got back into the car. (The closing of the door woke me up.) They had bags of food. I also remember going straight to our bedroom (me and Phil’s bedroom) and going straight to sleep. The very next thing after that I woke up to pitch black smoke. Just sharing this takes me back to how I felt in those very moments where I couldn’t move left, right, up or down. It felt like a thick rope was tightly wrapped around my neck. It was smoke everywhere. I couldn’t breathe. I struggled opening the window that was above our bed because we never opened it. (You know how shut tight windows are when they haven’t been opened season after season? That’s how that window was.)

That window was not opening for me. My eyes were on fire and I was terrified thinking that was my last day on earth. I know it was nobody but the touch of God on that window when it did manage to lift for me. I hurried out the window with no shoes and ran to the back of our place only to discover the whole kitchen was on fire. Phil and Vic were still in there. I screamed and screamed for both of them. I couldn’t open the side doors or any of the windows. Lord knows, I tried. I had nothing to even break the windows.

The family who lived on top of us and a neighbor to our left heard me and called 911. I remember the neighbor to the left holding me as I screamed and cried. I remember the flames being vicious and even burning the whole left side of Phil’s blue neon that was parked near kitchen. The flames even cracked his neon windshield. I remember feeling like it took forever for the fire fighters, ambulance, and police to get there. I remember seeing so many fire fighter, ambulance and police lights up the whole street when they did arrive.

I remember feeling like my heart was ripped out when they were carrying Phil and Vic body out of our place. I remember pinching myself saying this is not real and hoping it was all just a dream. I remember my dad and mom showing up and trying to get me to go to the hospital to get checked out but I refused. I remember stopping at Phil’s best friend house, Crown, to tell him about the tragedy that had taken place. Phil and Vic were to impaired with alcohol that night. They had fell asleep cooking something.

I remember the taste of the smoke in my mouth and throat for weeks after that fire. I remember walking around trying to figure out why they died and I lived. I remember wanting to die. Me and Don’nae had lost everything again. Don’nae had just had a birthday that March 5th and all of her gifts were demolished in the fire. I remember losing everything. I even remember being told a lot of Phil and Vic friends blamed me for their deaths. I remember carrying that guilt. Thinking because they thought it and I couldn’t save them then it must’ve been true.

I will never forget this day. It definitely was a wake up call for me to say the least. Have I crossed every T and dotted every i since then? No. But I am certain death has no age or time on it and the enemy is out to kill, steal and destroy. If Don’nae had been in there, I know I wouldn’t have even made the attempt to get out of that window and would not be here today. She would have died instantly with all of the smoke in that place. God had always been real to me but this day He became more real to me. I was seconds away from death and God blocked it for me.

Even though I didn’t deserve it, I wasn’t living for Him and hadn’t said Yes to Him about anything in so long but yet He spared my life again. I said I was going to share story so there it is. I did everything I could to save them. Now I’m trying to just make a difference. My passion for saving souls increased after I got through this tragedy. Tomorrow isn’t promised to none of us. Every week I hear of all walks of life at all ages dying. It aches my heart that it’s more of our youth and my peers dying more and more everyday.

Phil and Vic and so many others will not get the chance to experience getting engaged or married or starting a family or the things a lot of us take for granted. Will your soul thank you for entering eternal life after this life or eternal death after this life? It’s possible to have fun and be in the will of God. It’s possible to accept Christ and live a joyful life. It’s possible to have fun and be saved. Please know that. I’ll save that for another time but please please please cherish the life God has blessed you with.

Cherish your health if you’re in good health. If you’re not, please take advantage that you have a choice to change it. Cherish your family. Please don’t take anything for granted. Tonight could be your last night. Let that sink in. What will you do with the life God has blessed you with? What do you not like about your life not that you want to change? Have you accepted Christ as your Lord and savior? Man it’s so much I want to say but I’ll save for another time. 😉 GOD Bless you. 😘

Love, Janae💕




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