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Children's Church

Happy Monday beautiful people! ūüíú

We pray you are reading this blog in good health and in good spirit. How was your weekend? Did any fun festivities or special occasions go on? If so, share them!! I would love to hear about them!! My weekend was pretty interesting! Saturday was wonderful! A big brother of mine had his grand opening Saturday so of course we went to support him!

Sunday was awesome sauce!! This week was my week to cover children’s church. I had about 30 young souls (pic is above) in attendance!! I am thrilled that it is growing every single Sunday!! Our lesson was on free wisdom and how we ought to pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding daily.

Proverbs 4:4-7 “He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: Keep my commandments, and live. Get wisdom, get understanding: Forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: Love her, and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: And with ALL thy getting get understanding.”

We want to be wise like Solomon. The title of today blog came about in a discussion. We have actually heard this term quite a few times. (And I am sure that you have as well) But seriously, what IS “holier than thou?” Besides being a rude, vile, ugly term, it is a term that typically describes a person of the Christian faith that believes that they are the second best thing to Jesus Himself.

They do absolutely no wrong, but you are the purest of evil. These people believe that there is no saving your soul, so get prepared to spend eternity in Hell. Now, the true definition is a person that believes that they are better than everyone and indeed more saved or holy than everybody. What is your definition of the term “holier than thou”? Recently I, Janae, have been told that I act “holier than thou”. I will not act like it did not hurt my feelings because it did.

What I can not seem to figure out is why the term has to describe individuals that just want to be right in the sight of GOD. I have heard the term used about some people just because they decide not to smoke, curse or drink and party, etc. In today’s world, if you do not do what everyone else is doing, you are called “holier than thou”.

But is that a proper term to describe somebody that decided to do something different in their lives and make a change for the better? No it is not… This is the very reason so many people turn away from Christianity and refuse to accept Jesus Christ. People, instead of respecting someone’s decision to make a change, they will crucify them and condemn them until they just can not take the abuse any longer. At this time they typically will give in to the pressure and slip back into old bad habits.

Then they are judged and talked about some more. My prayer is for those that are in Christ to continue to stay in Him no matter what. The unbelievers and those playing “church” are going to talk regardless. My prayer is that the body of Christ stands on the Word of GOD and not be ashamed of the gospel. My prayer also is that the lost souls be found and saved; that those who are not ready, get ready before Jesus returns.

Do not let someone condemn you for wanting to do something better and for wanting to live right before God. If they can not support you and realize that maybe they need to do something different too, then it may be time to reevaluate your circle. It has been proven that we are a product of who we hang out with. The question now is, what will YOU produce.

God Bless You All

Love, Royal Queen Janae



The Right Help

Hey children of the Most High GOD!!

I pray your day and week has been full of peace, joy and ENERGY! I on the other hand have been exhausted!! Well, exhausted may be an understatement, especially for the way I was feeling yesterday!! This week has been super busy. Your girl was up and running off of THREE HOURS of sleep yesterday! It has been quite a while since I pulled a day off like that.

Most times I try to at least get six hours of sleep. Yes, I KNOW they say seven to nine hours is recommended but it’s hard sometimes. I love to get things done by any means necessary. If only 3-4 hours of sleep is what it takes to get it done, then so be it. Though I am (as I expressed in a few blogs back ) trying to manage my time better. Wednesday, I failed miserably! I cleaned and helped some family out in beginning part of the day. Then I had to pick my little lady up from school by 3:12 and pick up someone else up by 3:30.

I had attempted to make dinner before we went to bible study. (Had exactly an hour to accomplish that but FAILED)  Bible study started at 6 and we got there by 6:30. (Sad face) We left church after 8, OH and my daughter had picture day the next day. (she was very adamant about having her hair done freshly for pictures even at six years old) So, when we got home, I made dinner then we ate and I still had to do her hair. Just sharing all of that made me exhausted. (chuckles)

I am still getting use to being a stay at home mom (as I have really recently accepted). I put my two weeks notice in at Thrifty Florist the beginning of February this year. It was such a struggle not putting in applications for all the jobs that were hiring in our new area. Working since the age fifteen to being a stay at home mommy and wife was a transition indeed!! NOW, seeing jobs “hiring”, I smile and keep it moving. (chuckles) It is a job in itself being a mom, wife, in ministry and being a business owner. I always thought it was just a breeze being home and not working a 9-5.

Let me admit, the rough days do not outweigh the awesome days! I do enjoy being home and watching my little girl grow. I enjoy making dinner and keeping my home warm and cozy and in order. I enjoy having time freedom! He hated it when I was working. So these last few months, I have really accepted being a stay at home mom and wife. Being able to not miss a beat with my family and ministry and work and blog when I feel like it is the BEST feeling in the world!

I encourage you if you are a wife to ask your husband, (or if you are engaged or in a relationship) how can you help him the way he wants to be helped. The way you think you are helping him may not be received as help to him at all.

Shout out again to all the stay at home mommies and wives as well as the working mommies and wives because being in both positions require WORK!! Follow me on instagram at 1.royal.queen. Facebook: Janae Sumler

Feel free to email me any topics you would like to see us blog about at marriagefamilylife214@gmail.com

Peace, Love and Blessings over you and your family. Next blog will be centered around a topic. What topic? I am not sure just yet. (smiles) I have so many I am looking to share with you all!

Until next time, enjoy your weekend and God Bless you!!

needblogLove,Royal Queen Janae

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Food for Thought

Hey beautiful people!!

Wow this past weekend was pretty loaded!! Early (Like 8am early) ¬†Saturday morning, we went meal prep shopping as a family with one of Detroit’s very own, Coach Kiwi. (Follow her on instagram and on facebook.) Her rates are phenomenal and her info to contact her is below. Following that, we ran into some great people who joined us at a birthday party my daughter was invited to. The rain that was coming down did not stop the fun!! The kids had a blast!!

We wrapped Saturday up with watching Home with some new found family in Christ. I was surprised my princess cried again with it being her second time watching the movie. I understood the first time and I guess I understood the second shed of tears too. We all have them movies that somehow have us in tears even though we have watched the movie more than once.  Like Love and Basketball or Remember the Titans. What are some movies that still put dust in your eyes?

Sunday was awesome!! I love teaching children’s church and pouring into the young souls. I also enjoy just as much being poured into and learning from someone that knows more than we do. Not only do I enjoy it, it’s also very very important for us to continue being poured into so we can pour into someone else life. Let me add that we should not wait only until Sunday at church to be fed. Through the week, we should be feeding ourselves with more of Christ.

Some may ask how do we do that? We do that by spending time with God. Though he never leaves us and he is always there, are we there with him or are we too distracted by what we choose to pay attention to? The most important goal in life should be to have a strong relationship with Christ. Can you have a strong relationship with someone you do not spend time with?¬†¬†I can only imagine how our Heavenly father feels when we choose to ignore Him and put everything and everybody before Him. I can only imagine the hurt and pain He feels when he wakes us up every morning and do not even take the time just to say “thank you for another day.”.

How would you feel if someone you loved ignored you for days, weeks or more at a time but want you to be their hero everyday? They do not want to just say hey, I love you or thanks for this or that but want you to supply their every need and want? Man oh man if God decided to treat us how we treat Him, where on earth would we be? I just want to encourage someone today to take time out of each day to spend with the Creator of heaven and earth. The One who loves us the most and gave His only begotten Son for us.

Start with ten to fifteen minutes a day praying or reading the bible. He wants to hear from us and spend time with us. We use to have a prayer of thanksgiving circle everyday as a family. We would take turns just thanking God for anything that came to mind that we were thankful for for a minimum of five minutes each day. (need to start doing again)

I can not stand when my daughter is constantly only asking for this and that. I let her know early that it can not be “give me this and that” ALL the time. ¬†Some times you have to be able to just enjoy spending time with the people that you love. Loved ones should not feel that every time they see or talk to you it is only because you want to ask for something.

So family, this what I would like for you all to do today… Call somebody that you care about that you have not spoken to or have seen in a while and just let them know how much they mean to you. Once you do this, start making it a habit to just check in with loved ones from time to time. Believe me, this small gesture will make a big impact on their life.

Until next time, blessings to you all!!!!

Love, Royal Queen Janae

Welcome to October

Hello beautiful people!!

We pray your first day of October was an awesome one like ours! Today’s blog is not really centered around a specific topic. It is more like a sneak peek into some future topics this month! I’m so excited to be doing this and I appreciate the feedback thus far.

¬†This month we are putting a deeper focus on our bodies. Health is something that most people take for granted, but what many do not understand is that whatever you do to your body when you are young, you will feel it as you get older. The foods that we eat, unhealthy habits, and lack of exercise can play a serious role on your overall health and development spiritually, mentally and physically. There is an old saying that “Whatever you put in to your body is what will come out.” So we have decided to start putting more healthy foods in ourselves and create healthy physical and spiritual habits. It is never too late to start working towards a better you. Don’t you want to live a long life with your loved ones? Don’t you want to live eternally?

I am almost positive the answer to those questions are yes. So our first step towards a healthier direction is of course implementing exercise at least five times a week, a chef salad with a meat and fruit for dinner only ( of course a healthy breakfast and lunch with healthy snacks in between), and drinking water, green tea or milk (coffee no more than twice a week) for the rest of the month. Join us if you would like to or create your own challenge and share it with us! Would love to hear how you are challenging yourself to be a healthier you. It takes baby steps and consistency to create a habit. Go for it and if you mess up, try again the very next day!

Now a sneak peek on some of the topics we will share this month!! ¬† We will be coming this month from a few chosen topics selected by ourselves, but also some selected by our viewers. Topics will include but not be limited to: “God sex and marriage”, ¬†“music”, “being with someone who already has kids”, “getting/being married young”, “being in the body of Christ and drinking wine”, “the church and halloween”, “importance on waiting on your spouse”, and MORE!!! Remember if you have a topic that you would like to discuss, please feel free to share it. ¬†No subject is taboo and your plight, whatever it may be, matters to us.

You can reach out to us via email, marriagefamilyandlife214@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing your ideas. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog! Peace, love and many many blessings your way!!

Until next time,

Royal Queen, Janae


Back to the Basics

Happy Saturday ladies and gents.

Pray you all had a wonderful week!! Mine was not to bad. First part of my week was not the greatest. I had a bad cold and even missed church last Sunday which made two in a row because we were on a business trip Sunday before last. (I am so excited to be back in the House of the Lord on tomorrow that I am putting my clothes out tonight!!) The rest of the week went pretty well. I got more rest this week than I have in a very long time. Marcus (hubby) took very good care of me minus making me take some AWFUL cold medicine. (I HATE medicine!!! I rather sleep and sweat it off!!)

I am very appreciative of this past week because I was able to really sit back and view my life. In my last blog I was open about overworking my business and basically not having my priorities in order to say the least. Chaos was beginning to become my normal routine. I was not nourishing and loving on my husband as I should have. I got away from fun one on one activities with Don’nae (my daughter).

I slipped away from giving my all in my ministries. The most embarrassing confession is I did not make time for my Heavenly Father. My insides were ripping apart as I thought about the direction I WAS headed. When I thought about everything, I voiced in my heart, mind and soul that I had to GET MY LIFE BACK IN ORDER!!

I believe this starts with getting back to basics. I must be honest, I have had to get back to the basics a few times. You see, I have always been BUSY. Growing up, I helped out a LOT with my  two younger siblings (one with a disability and the other was a hand full), started doing choirs young, school and extra activities. Then I got my first job a few days after my 15th birthday and juggled the above plus a job. So I have always had that go getter get it done persona.

Now I am a stay at home mom, wife, in ministry, business owner and I am still getting used to my roles in life. Also we just moved back to my home, Michigan. (It’s been a year now) You may wonder WHAT IS THIS WOMAN’S PROBLEM IF you are working a nine to five Monday through Friday. Try being off for a month. (chuckle) It is not hard or difficult but it does take some getting used to. To be honest, I was used to being a single mom before marriage. Then I had to get used to dividing my time between being mommy, wife and work/school. (Can save that topic for a future blog too)

I understand and I am fully aware that Order pleases GOD. I want peace and I understand I can not obtain it having a disorganized life. So back to the Basics. Back to writing an agenda down the night before. Back to a schedule to prioritize and balance my time. Back to meal prepping! Back to time management at its best. More importantly, back to keeping my Heavenly Father first!! (smiles) I am thankful that only two, almost three months went by before things got bad.

How can I say my family, ministry and GOD is so important to me if I do not make enough time for them? Life knocked me down and I refuse to let it happen again!! One thing for sure, I have been knocked down a lot in life but I have NEVER stayed down. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me and I will do better with all GOD has blessed me with.

 A word of encouragement until next time, We can not redo the past but we can better our tomorrow!! What are some ways you juggle multiple tasks at once? How do you keep order in your life? Have you had to start back at the Basics?

Blessings to you and your family. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Drop a comment! Would love to converse with you!!

Love, Royal Queen, Janae


Confessions of Imperfectness

Hey ladies and gents!!!

It’s been quite a while since our last encounter. Forgive me for the delay. This is definitely a journey I’m fully ready to embark on. Hate that we can not rewind time and redo the past, but I would like to take this opportunity to make amends. Let me express to you all what was placed on my heart to share today.

Sometimes we say “Keep GOD first then everything else will fall into place” without fully living the phrase out. We say it one, because we know it to be biblical and two, it flows off of our tongues pretty nicely too. I have a confession to make. James 5:16 tells us “Confess your faults one to another,”. The pain I feel has no comparison to the pain I know I have caused my heavenly Father to feel.

Allow me to elaborate. Since our last and first post, I lost my focus. I lost site of what was and is more important in life to me. I took on not one but TWO home based businesses. One in health and wellness and the other in home and business services. Don’t get me wrong, both are awesome business opportunities. But I definitely bit of more than I could chew at one time.

For the last couple of months, I have gotten away from keeping my life in order. I have gotten away from really keeping GOD first, at the center and end of my day. What should have been seeking HIM first and last has been fitting HIM in where I saw fit instead of where HE belonged. In doing that, home and ministry was not in order. GOD–>Home–>Ministry–>Business is what life should have looked like but instead it became Business–>Home–>Ministry–> and maybe GOD if I was not to tired.

We all are familiar with Matthew 6:33. He said seek HIM first. Not when we felt it was convenient for us or when we felt like it. I let Money and my business become my focus and everything else followed afterwards. It was business from the time I woke up until the evening. How dare I after all GOD has done for me and my family? I’m confessing this fault of mine because one thing for sure, it is easy to get distracted by the things of this world. It is so easy for us to get so wrapped up in getting money, reality shows, going out,etc.

The damage losing my focus caused was and is hard to swallow. My marriage tank has been drained some. The joy and peace in my home has faded some. My ministry has went in the opposite direction of elevation. More importantly, I have not fed my spiritual self how it should be fed. I made a decision yesterday to get my life back in order. My business can not send me to heaven. I’ve cleaned out my closet and I’m stepping back on the battlefield stronger than before. (Those who have seen War Room will understand this statement)

I pray this bless and encourages someone to not lose their focus because it is not worth it. Pleasing GOD comes first before anything and before anyone. In pleasing HIM first, I trust and believe all these things we desire shall be added unto us. The rewards of seeking HIM first are so much sweeter than the chaos we reap in seeking HIM last or not at all.

If you are ready for Christ, stay ready for we are definitely in a spiritual warfare like never before. To those who are not yet ready, It is never to late until it is to late. The sky has not been cracked open yet so therefore embrace the opportunity to get your life right and in order today before it is to late. Pray for me as I pray for you. GOD Bless. 

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55ef0dd807b9dd05b87fe368bcea9381                            Love, Royal Queen Janae