Step Back

Hello beautiful souls,

I pray you’re having a terrific week so far!! Mine has been super busy but nonetheless, a productive week thus far. Have you ever found yourself complaining or whining without realizing you’re complaining or whining? Like have you ever found yourself just tripping? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Lol I had a “foot in my mouth” moment last week and found myself doing just that, tripping!!

I find we sometimes focus on what’s not being done vs what is being done in some cases, unintentionally that is. In my recent case, I found myself disappointed because someone special wasn’t doing this or doing that while completely and unintentionally (keyword, unintentionally) overlooking what they WERE doing. While I’m complaining, I hadn’t realized how much I hurt their feelings until I was told. I made someone very important to me feel like what they were doing wasn’t good enough when it was in fact more than enough.

I can even remember times my daughter complain about not getting something her way when 80 out 85 times just that day she did get her way plus some and I would have to remind her of what I had done for  vs what she was complaining about that I hadn’t done. It’s so easy to complain when not paid attention to. I pointed out “unintentionally” because it’s important we practice being intentional. (Intentional was my word for this year that I may make my word for next year too honestly since I have definitely been slipping with applying  being intentional.)

God’s intentional with us, isn’t He? Let me go even further and say I slip up and magnify what I feel God hasn’t done on my time or in the order I want this or that when HE’S GOD and does WAY MORE THAN  ENOUGH for me that I definitely don’t deserve. Sweet soul, have you ever been just in a ugh type of mood because life isn’t the way you pictured or because your car isn’t the car you wanted or because you didn’t have enough money to go to that 5 star restaurant you had a taste for when you had a taste for it? 

What about those times when you felt you didn’t have enough money in your pocket, or just wanted more than what you had when in reality you had EXACTLY what you needed for that current day!?! I admit y’all, sadly,  I’m guilty!! Who am I to utter a complaint about anything no matter how bad life looks? I’m breathing, able to eat at least 3 meals a day whether it’s what I want or not doesn’t matter. I have my five sense, able to , talk, walk, jump, run, comprehend and  when there are many who can’t do . What does matter is that daily, GOD provide exactly what we need when we need it and we need to stay mindful of just that not only with  Heavenly Father but with our loved ones also.

Next time you find yourself about to complain about something, step back and reflect on what has and is being done in that moment. Reflect on all you have to be thankful for in that moment. You know the saying, “It’s never as bad as it looks.” and “someone always has a worst hand than yours.”, is so true. I challenge you to look at the good in every situation more. I’m learning to zoom in on the effort of a loved one and making sure they know how grateful I am for what they do that they don’t really HAVE to do.

I’m sure God smiles every time He hears us say, “Thank you Lord for this day” or “Thank you Lord for this or that blessing”. I know it makes my heart smile when my daughter tells me thank you or she’s happy I’ve done this or that for her. I challenge you to take the time to thank a loved one whether it be verbally or with  small gesture like a letter or their favorite candy bar (NO TEXT or fb msg or email). Man, I’m telling you, it’s the small things that count and really matter most. I guarantee you that you’ll make their day!!! Stay blessed beautiful souls!! I love you and until next time….

💕 R.Q Janae💕



Godly Parenting

“Mommy, I had just had a nightmare!!”, my daughter yelled from her room late last night.

“Quote Psalm 23”, Marcus told her when she came in room.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

He finished it with her and she went back to her room and fell right back asleep. I smiled and thanked God in that moment for the privilege and honor of training up one of HIS children. (God’s children by the way. Our children belong to HIM just like everything else does.) I’m also thankful for a husband who is patient and care for her soul enough to teach her scripture. (He taught her this particular scripture) The beauty of knowing scripture and having a relationship with JESUS is essential to our lives. I’m so glad that anytime she is afraid, she knows that GOD is with her.

Everyday when I’m dropping her off to school, I ask, “Who are you representing today?” With a smile, she always responds, “I’m representing God!” or “I’m representing JESUS!”. It is SO IMPORTANT that we train up our children in the way they should go. (Proverbs 22:6) This is one of the biggest reasons we’ve decided to home-school her beginning next year. I believe it’s more to her education than what school teaches, especially now.

I want her ready to take on the world and the enemy with the full armor of GOD on daily. I need her to know the importance of knowing scripture and the power that’s in the word of GOD. I want her to know her calling and her purpose in this life. I need her to know this world is not our final destination. I need her to know how to fight the enemy with the word of GOD. Last week, I went to a phenomenal online conference titled “The Ministry of Homemaking”. One of the sessions were on teaching our children scripture memorization and how to pray. I must say that session was one of my favorites!

Are we teaching our children to stay rapture ready? Are we teaching them how imperative it is to know and have a relationship with Jesus? Are we teaching our children that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and that they can do ALL THINGS through Christ that strengthens them? I’m so determined to teach my children that greater is HE in us than he that is in the world. I’m determined to be her example of what a godly woman and what a woman living a life pleasing to God really looks like.

No age is to early to start teaching kids scripture. No age is to early to let our kids know that GOD loves them way more than we ever can. No age is to early to teach our children the importance of praying, studying and reading the bible and having a relationship with HIM. Words can’t explain how excited we are to begin homeschooling her next year (and the rest of our children when GOD bless us with them). What a privilege and honor it is to lead our children to Christ.

So parents, moms and dads, I encourage you to be the leader. Kids only do what mommy and daddy do. Don’t let t.v, school and the music industry raise your children. Be involved in your kids life. Life  is to short and our kids grow up fast right before our eyes. Cherish the moments you have with your children and take on the job of raising your kids the way our Heavenly Father has called us to do. Parenting is a ministry in itself if you do it right. I’ll say it again, we are not perfect but trust me, our daily goal is to be a doer and not only a hearer of God’s Word. All of life’s answers are found in God’s Word. Yes, even parenting God’s way. Remember HIS way is ALWAYS THE BEST WAY.

Click link below to get a free copy of The Lord’s Prayer Student Handbook and follow Luke and Trisha blog for more resources and tips on raising godly children.

Your sister in Christ, Janae